If you plan to buy real estate in Greece to give your life new relief and new color, you will go from beautiful to pleasant surprise by discovering all the advantages offered by this country to real estate buyers.

Staying outside France for holidays, part-time or full-time is an ambition that many compatriots have achieved. No need to go far away to live a big change. We suggest you, for once, not to close your ears and let yourself be guided by the sirens  voices  to the marvelous country of Ulysses.

greece beach

Greece has many assets for those who want to make a real estate investment there and the following 7 key points will convince you . This was the case for me after consulting the agency Mobilia Real-estate my Athenian friends  deeply recomanded to me. I can say that this agency supported me very well in the choice and the purchase of my second home under  the sun.

1 : Everyday life at a low price

If you do some shopping in neighborhood or village markets to realize how easy and pleasant it is to get fresh products for modest prices compared to those practiced in French cities. It is not uncommon to find seasonal fruits and vegetables between one and two euros, a nice salad at 50 cents. Fish and meat are always  good quality at prices that would make more than one dream in France.

For other consumer goods, prices moderation policy is the rule even if the various crises that have shaken the country in recent years have upset the balance a little bit. Make no mistake about it. This flattering portrait is only valid for foreigners whose salaries are much higher than those of the Greeks who struggle to live as comfortably as possible.

2 : Mediterranean climate with the scent of eternity

“Let’s go to the south of France or other southern countries and we will  have a Mediterranean climate as well”, some will say to themselves. But that would be without counsidering  the multitude of climatic particularities of the Aegean Sea like the archipelagos that the gods have scattered over the blue and diaphanous waters of Greece.

Living in Greece means  talking frankly to light and nature almost all year round, living whole days between captivating nature, an enchanting  seaside , welcoming terraces and good tables  by many taverns.

Whether in town, in the countryside or by the sea, the property you will  acquire will offer you the magic of its terrace all year round.

3 : Buy a property in Greece where the prices are much lower than those practiced in France

Depending on the location and the type of property you will be buying, the average prices per square meter could surprise you by being three to four times lower than the amounts we know in France, and especially in privileged places. A seaside villa in Greece has nothing to do with the price asked for a property in southern France. In addition, you will find qualified craftsmen on site  to renovate your property at affordable prices.

The prices of the real estate market in Greece will allow you, in comparison with the French market, to size your real estate project at a much higher level in terms of location, surface and land with the same budget.

4 : Keep all the advantages of the European Union

Investing in real estate in Greece also means choosing stability and keeping the same rules of the game, the same social guarantees and the same currency.

The legal guarantees will be the same and you will not be considered as a foreigner, but as an European citizen. All the administrative and legal procedures will be that much easier.

5 : Buy in Greece and get advantageous taxation

Like everywhere else, when buying your property, you will have to pay taxes and fees that will be added to the price of the transaction. But, these additional amounts remain lower compared to France and the taxes and duties that you will pay each year will pleasantly surprise you when you compare them to the level of French taxation.

In addition, the Greek government has established new tax rules that are very advantageous for European retirees who will come to settle and live in Greece. A good real estate agency can also guide you on tax issues.

6 : Gateway to Orient and Gateway to Europe, Greece is a reassuring  far neighbor

Buying a property in Greece does not lead to the difficult expatriation experience some compatriots who have left for a new start in distant lands can live. Greece is the ideal place to explore new frontiers, to  change of life style with all the advantages of remaining in the sphere of the European Union.

At the crossroads between East and West, Greece is two or three hours flight from all major European cities. The airlines are numerous and reliable. In addition, apart railways, domestic connections by plane, road and boat are very efficient throughout the territory.

7 : Live day after day in the garden of human history

Being comfortably installed on the terrace and contemplating the Acropolis, the Aegean Sea, the white villages, one of the many ancient sites, a fishing port or even a well-sheltered beach in its cove, all bathed in incomparable light in a summer that seems eternal, here are your dreams at your fingertips. The property you buy will certainly place you at the heart of a scene of which you will feel like the hero every day.

Following in the footsteps of Demosthenes and so many other men or myths that, century after century, have forged the culture and history of our humanity will be your privilege.

It is said, for example, that Greece has so many beaches and coves that a lifetime would not be enough to explore them all.

Add historical and natural sites, places of entertainment and culture, then,  you will be sure never to miss the slightest opportunity to discover and learn on a daily basis.

You will certainly have the opportunity to meditate on your luck by tasting, seated calmly, on the terrace in front of copious mezes and a local wine, while you will be cut up a tasty fish fresh out of the water that very morning.

As for many others before you, it will appear that by buying a property, you will not have simply acquired a residence, but, much more, opened up an infinite world of discoveries, pleasures and well-being.