Tenerife refers to one of the many islands in the Canary Islands. The Canary archipelago is located at 1335km from Spain, in the Atlantic Ocean. The volcanic island has a total area of 2034km2. It is very populous, but it has vast natural areas that draw many tourists each year. Tourism is still the primary source of income for the island’s economy. Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located on the island: Teide National Park, and San Cristobal de la Laguna. Tenerife is a great place for multiple activities. I’d like to share my experiences and what I did during my time in Canaries.

Paragliding above the landscapes and beaches of Tenerife

You can explore the stunning landscapes and get away from the tourist path. Island You will need some height to do this. Paragliding allows you to see Tenerife’s beaches from the air. I felt completely safe and secure in tandem flying as a novice. Although I was initially afraid of vertigo I felt a sense of absolute softness and total relaxation.

My first paragliding experience was amazing. You can find the take-off areas in many places. They are easily accessible from your hotel within one hour. The beach flight offered stunning views and soft landings on the sand. It feels as if you are floating gently in the air. The beautiful turquoise water below, the jagged coastline, and the small resorts all give way to another dimension. There are other paragliding opportunities available.


Amazing view of Tenerife

Peaceful view of Tenerife



2. Go hiking up to Teide volcano

Pico del Teide, the highest point of Spain at 3715m is located on Tenerife. This is the Pico del Teide, a Volcano, symbol of the Canaries, and boasts unique landscapes. Cable cars can take hikers to the top of the mountain. However, they drop them at less than one kilometer from the summit. There are 8km of trails that will take you to the summit, at an altitude difference of 1800m. To reach the summit of the volcano, it takes between 3 to 5 hours. You will cross any national park along the way. You will need a permit to enter the park. To balance my efforts, I used the refuge to climb the mountain in just two days. It was a beautiful place with stunning sunsets. The part above the clouds, the temperature variations and especially the sunsets were what marked me. Landscapes It was hallucinating to think I was actually on another planet.


3 Visit Santa Cruz and Masca villages

Masca village The eastern portion of the island was without doubt where I made my biggest impression. The small village is located in the middle of a mountainous cirque, and boasts stunning views. Masca is the best image of Tenerife. This is the emblematic center of such a unique nature. The views that look out to sea from the distance of two crevices, and the steep mountain peaks that tear down the sky give the impression of an end to the world. It is remote enough that it has very few accommodations.

Santa Cruz is also the capital. It can be found in northern Tenerife. This is an old, cosmopolitan city. It was very enjoyable to walk along the streets in the center of the city. They are vibrant and colourful, with plenty of shops. The architecture was varied and interesting to me. It is possible to mix historical structures with modern constructions which creates a lot of variety. There are many parks in the city that sometimes have works of art. The coastline is also available for enjoyment. You can also enjoy the beaches that are less popular, which is further from the center of the city. I enjoyed Teresitas with its palm trees and not too far from San Andres, a charming fishing village.


4/ Explore the Pyramids of Guimar, east Tenerife

The south-east corner of the island has the Guimar ethnographic Park, which houses step pyramids similar to those in Peru. They are four meters high, and six exist. The park offers several tours that allow you to explore the area while also learning more about botany, endemic and rare poisonous plants, the local culture, history and volcanoes in the Canaries. A space in the exhibition area focuses on navigation history. A museum will be dedicated to the discoveries of Thor Heyerdhal, the Norwegian anthropologist who discovered the pyramids.


5. The beach at Los Gigantes

You will be suprised to see that thisq beach is completely black. Indeed, its actually located in Los Gigantes, surrounded volcanic cliffs that plunge into clear water. It is a beautiful place, and Los Gigantes’ cliffs are quite impressive. You can reach the steep cliffs by kayak. A natural pool next to the ocean was my preferred choice. The water was refreshing and there were no waves. Los Gigantes, a fishing village is a place of tranquility. A perfect spot for lazy days, with feet in the sea. Extra Bonus: Go to the Carnival of Tenerife. What Santa Cruz would look like without this annual carnival? The city is alive to the beat of party music for one week.

Locals as well as tourists enjoy the unique Caribbean atmosphere and listen to local bands. This is Rio’s most well-known carnival. The carnival goes all night long in an extremely festive, but family-friendly atmosphere. You can expect many corsos or parades to punctuate the festivities. This is Tenerife’s most important festival. It is a small piece of Tenerife. The location in the middle the the ocean makes it worth the effort and is suitable for all tastes. It was great to explore the island’s many aspects. It’s an easy flight that provides a refreshing change of scenery. I recommend it highly.

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