Do you want to know more about the gold card ? This is the place for you. It’s likely that you have heard of it. Although there are numerous benefits to having a gold card it can be difficult to navigate the many banks offering it. What is a Gold Card? How do you get one and are there any benefits to it ?

What’s a Gold Card?

A Gold card is a high-end Bank card It is a form of payment that grants you access to insurance and other services. You can enjoy privileges not available with standard blue cards. It is more expensive than the classic Mastercard so it is not as widely available. It isn’t reserved for elites, however. Many banks offer this little card. The conditions and prices for this card have improved significantly since the advent of online banking in 2000. If one is able to obtain one, it’s often possible to simulate the process to determine what one can expect.


Person paying with her gold card

Using his new gold card !



How do I obtain the payment tool?

Nowadays, this type of high-end credit card has become more popular with the advent of online banks It was once a luxury reserved for the most wealthy customers. But it’s now much easier to get one. The conditions of obtaining this card will vary from bank to bank. The criteria for your salary are what banks consider. The minimum wage must be at least 1200 EUR. The opening of an account is mandatory. The bank may also ask for you to perform at most one monthly operation from this account. Sometimes, it is necessary to keep a minimum of savings. The last point to remember is that those who are banned from banking won’t be allowed to access the top-end cards .


What does it cost?

What is my fee for the card? This card will not be as expensive as the standard blue card. Online banks make it possible to get the golden card. However, this is only possible if you meet certain income requirements. To enjoy the full banking benefits, go to a bank that is traditional. You can spend more than 100 EUR. 


What advantages does it offer?

As As you can see, a gold card will give you many benefits. advantages, As soon as an account is opened. These include the withdrawal limits, insurance coverage and the maximum withdrawal. You will get a greater ceiling once your bank account has been opened. Banks generally offer payment caps of EUR5,000 to EUR8,000. Withdrawals: You can withdraw larger amounts from ATMs in France or abroad. Maximum EUR5,000 can be withdrawn from an ATM. And Cardholders are covered both in France and overseas. Travel insurance provides coverage. You never know what could happen. It is important to be safe when traveling. Indeed, if you travel far, like if you spend your honeymoon in Mauritius for example, it is useful to have this type of insurance.

After opening an account you can choose between immediate Debit and Deferred Credit . The bank will take the transactions made using a bankcard with instant debit directly into consideration. A deferred debit debit debits the account on the last day in the month. This insurance allows the user to reduce the monthly end. As As you can see it’s not difficult to obtain a Gold Card. You can ask your bank for recommendations or search online. It is worth trying it. It has many benefits that can make it your favorite method of payment. A credit card called the Gold Card, it can be combined with an annual renewable credit. You can use it in cash, or you may pay on credit when paying.