Preparing for your trip is the most important thing you can do before leaving. We are primarily concerned with determining the right type of luggage and what items to bring along. It is crucial to choose the right suitcase for your belongings. This is how you choose the right suitcase for your trip.

A cabin size suitcase

The cabin luggage The most convenient to take along on your journeys. You should consider the following factors when choosing the best model: the strength, lightness, number of wheels and closing system. The capacity, brand, as well as the price. These criteria may vary depending upon the trip. It is important to know that you can’t take your luggage on the train or plane. You need to choose the ultra-light cabin bag. IATA has established a standard for hand luggage dimensions at 56x45x25 cm and a maximum interior volume of 30-45 liters. You can bring your handbag along with your carry-on luggage.

Also, in order to choose your luggage, you should choose the option of travel you want to go for. Indeed, it exists many options that you can choose, according to your preferences.


Luggage arrived at the hotel

Luggage items at the hotel



Lightweight, durable and practical luggage

You can choose from a variety of models, brands and types. It is important to choose well your luggage, as it will accompanied you on week-end, business trips, holidays, …A light suitcase might be better for short trips. With a small and light luggage, it doesn’t become too heavy during travels. Soft suitcases with tsa locks are best for protecting your personal items. The most useful suitcase for traveling is the one that’s small and light. You can choose from several hard case options depending on the fabric quality, like the Delsey or trolley suitcases.