You can find travel deals for everyone: some people love vacations but don’t want to do anything. Some people want to travel to another country or another culture. Others may choose to stay in their preferred sport. What is the best formula for you?

All-inclusive Stay

There are many activities to choose from for a large family. You have made a vow not to touch any pots during your stay and want to be able to choose from a variety of sports activities supervised by an instructor. You can depart for a set price that includes the tickets, hotel, and meals. All your worries behind. Relaxing vacation, children’s club and watersports, bars, and a beach bar. However, this offer is not modifiable. Don’t expect to go to this charming city just because it looks good.


two girls in a camping car, theiy have chosen this travel option

One of the travel options: custom trip in the woods


Organised tours

Are you a little hesitant about visiting a new country? A well-organized tour can meet all your needs. You can select from many services offered by tour operators, regardless of whether you’re a solo traveler or a group. You will travel in a circular route through the country, stopping at important sites. A local guide will accompany you and act as interpreter. Half board includes everything, including gas and lodging. However, you might have the option of choosing a restaurant to eat lunch at if you choose half-board.


The “a la carte” stay

Do you want to travel to a place you have always desire to visit ? Rent a car, go horseback riding or discovering a new city ? You can combine several services to create a customized trip with the help of a travel agency. You can customize it to make your trip unique. For example, if you want to do something during winter vacations, you have a lot of different possibilities.

A custom trip

You can have a tailor-made vacation that allows you to achieve your goals. Personalized Trip with all the things you desire: Excursions Off the beaten path Trekking, river rafting or trekking around the theme of your choice. With its staff on the ground, your travel agency will handle everything. Your agency will help you plan your trip. The best way to really explore a country’s culture and history is to choose a “a la carte” stay, or make-to-measure, as this will give you the freedom to go off the beaten track.