You can find many benefits in Greece for property buyers. You don’t have to travel far to experience a change of scenery. For once, we suggest that you not block your ears, and let the siren call to Ulysses guide you. For those looking to buy a property in Greece, there are many options.  These 7 points are the key to your success.

1 – Everyday living at low prices

To appreciate how simple and enjoyable it can be to find fresh products at a lower price than France ones, you must go to the village or local market. You can find fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits for as low as one to two euros. A nice salad is only 50 cents. France is known for its high quality fish and meat at affordable prices. Moderation applies to other goods and services, even though recent crises have caused some problems. We must not make any mistake. This is a flattering picture that only foreigners with higher salaries than Greeks can have. They struggle to make ends meet.


Magnificent view from a house in Greece

The type of view you can have by buying a house in Greece !


2: Greece, the Mediterranean climate that has a fragrance of eternity

Let’s head to France, or other countries in the South. We will have an amazing time. Mediterranean climate Some will argue that it is. This would not be true if you consider the many climatic peculiarities that are found in the Aegean Sea and the numerous archipelagos scattered by the gods over the turquoise-colored waters of Greece. Being in Greece is about saying “You” almost every day to nature and light, and living among the beautiful nature and the charming seaside, and enjoying the good food at the many taverns. You can live in the city or in the countryside. The property that you buy will have a terrace which you can enjoy all year.


3. Purchasing a property for less than the French price in Greece

The average price per square meter in France can surprise you, depending on where you live and what type of property it is. This happens especially in the most prestigious areas. A seaside villa in Greece It has absolutely nothing to do the asking price for a south-facing property. If you do your research and follow the steps, qualified artisans will be able to help you renovate your property for a reasonable price. The Greek real estate market will permit you to scale your project with a lower budget, and at a higher location, land, than the French. In order to find the perfect place, you may consider hiring a luxury real estate agency, to help you.


4. Buying in Greece will allow you to enjoy all of the benefits offered by the European Union

When you invest in Greece’s real estate, it is important to choose stability. You will be able to keep the rules the same as the rest of Europe and maintain the same currencies and social guarantees. You will have the same legal protections and will be treated as an EU citizen, not as a foreigner. All Administrative Legal Procedures It will be much easier.


5 – Buy in Greece to Benefit from a Promising Tax System

You will need to pay taxes and fees when buying your property. These fees and taxes are lower than those in France. You will be surprised at how much you’ll pay annually if you contrast them with the French taxation. The Greek government also has new tax rules which are extremely beneficial for European retirees moving to Greece. This makes it even easier to buy a home or apartment. You can also get tax advice from a good agency.


6 – Gateway to Europe and East, Greece is a distant neighbor that can be relied upon

The purchase of a property in Greece is not a difficult experience for some people. Greece offers the perfect place to discover new frontiers and to enjoy a complete change of scenery while still staying within the bounds of home. Crossroads of East and West. Greece can be reached by two to three hours flight time from most European capitals. Many reliable airlines are available. Aside from trains, there are many domestic connections that can be made by road, plane and boat throughout the country.


7: Buy in Greece: Living in the Garden of Human History

Here are the possibilities for you to be able to relax on your terrace, and enjoy the Acropolis, Aegean Sea, white villages, or fishermen’s ports, with the entire area bathed by an unrivalled light during a summer that seems endless. You will be surrounded by a world where every day you feel like a hero, just as Demosthenes did. Myths Who, over the centuries, have created culture and history for our humanity.

For example, there are so many coves and beaches in Greece that it would take a lifetime to visit them all. You won’t miss an opportunity to learn and discover from every day life. As you relax on the terrace, enjoying a hearty meal and local wine as a delicious fish is freshly caught from the lake that morning, it will be a great opportunity to reflect upon your luck. It will be clear, as many people before you have done, that you won’t only own a home but also a lifestyle. It opened up a world of enjoyment, discovery and well-being.