Winter holidays may not be as long as summer holidays, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying them to the fullest. Classic or more original, the possibilities promise you moments of relaxation but above all memorable moments in the company of your loved ones.

winter holidays

Fun activities to do during winter.

Making snowmen


It is the perfect activity to fall back into childhood. If you live (or stay) in a snowy area, just bundle up before shaping the three traditional snowballs. The snow must be sufficiently wet, otherwise it will be difficult to pack it down. Make a large ball for the bottom of your man, then a medium one for his upper body and finally a small one for his head.


Place the nose right in the middle of the face. If it is customary to use a carrot, you can also use a red ball, a piece of painted wood, etc. Be creative. For the eyes, ping-pong balls, buttons or pieces of charcoal will be perfect. They just need to be symmetrical. Finish with a mouth made from the same objects used for eyes or cut out of a previously bent plastic/rubber tube. All that’s left to do is to dress your man with a hat, a beanie, a scarf, a jacket… it’s up to you.


You don’t have any snow at home or maybe you want snowmen that won’t melt? Stack up different sized tin cans or fill white socks to shape the bodies of your snowmen and then add details with felt-tip pens, stickers or buttons.


For interior decoration, used light bulbs and milk bottles are among the easiest options.


A wellness stay in a spa


It’s been a long year and you’ve probably had your share of stress in the past few months. The winter holidays offer you a chance to unwind and regain your strength before the new year begins. There’s nothing like a wellness holiday to invigorate you!


Plan a weekend or multi-day getaway to treat yourself to a relaxing treatment. As there are many formulas available, you are free to choose the treatments you want. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to duo sessions to share moments of pure well-being with your soul mate or a friend.


Of course, you won’t be spending all your days at the spa. So choose a destination that offers you other perspectives: cultural, gastronomic, historical….


Spend the weekend in a chalet in the mountains


Imagine a traditional chalet surrounded by a vast space where pine forests and snow meet in the most beautiful harmony. You will light a beautiful fire in the fireplace to warm you up as you enjoy your favourite hot drinks or simply to tell/listen to stories by the fireside. It may sound cliché, yet it is always a source of infinite well-being.


In addition, the mountain environment offers you many possibilities. Go hiking, roast marshmallows, have a good time making snowmen. Depending on the destination, you can go ice fishing or simply enjoy the peace and quiet that surrounds you.


A weekend in a chalet also offers you the prospect of cutting yourself off from the world and temporarily forgetting your hectic pace of life.


Discover the French Riviera to take advantage of the superb climate


The French Riviera‘s legendary fine weather makes it a dream destination to spend your winter holidays… in the sun.


Nice does not only have nautical pleasures to offer you. Discover its emblematic places such as the Promenade des Anglais or the Place Masséna which lights up at the end of November or early December.

Stroll through the Christmas village, watch the shows and skate under the sun. There is always something to entertain you under the blue sky. The winter holidays are also ideal for visiting the museums without having to elbow your way through, as there are fewer people than in the summer.


In Menton, a giant ice rink takes place in front of Les Halles from the beginning of December and lasts 4 weeks. The Biovès gardens are transformed into an enchanted forest where carousels, donkey rides and gourmet stalls delight young and old alike. The Christmas parades are also organised very regularly in a colourful shimmer of colour. As for the ambulatory shows, they take place almost everywhere in town.

You won’t need to bundle up to the extreme to enjoy the season and the enchantments it brings with it. The sun will even be there! If you come at the end of winter, you will have the opportunity to attend the Lemon Festival. Citrus fruits adorn the city and are on the plates in many variations.


Winter in Cannes is a bit wet, which does not take away from the charm of the city. The sea is sublime under the effect of wind and rain (light at the beginning of winter). In 15 minutes, you will reach the Ile Saint-Honorat, a perfect destination to enjoy the peace and quiet and taste good wine. Of course, don’t forget the Croisette and its magnificent luxury boutiques. You will find magnificent New Year’s Eve outfits and prestigious gifts to offer to your loved ones…. Rendezvous at the Vieux Port where champagne and seafood await you in the most prestigious restaurants and trendy bistros.


Saint-Tropez, Valbonne, Mougins… each destination on the Côte d’Azur has its own identity, but each of them offers you a Christmas holiday combining enchantment, a mild climate and authentic entertainment.

It is advisable to rent a villa in anticipation of this stay. To do so, choose the John Taylor estate agency which will be able to meet all your requirements. You will enjoy accommodation that offers all the necessary comfort to make you feel at home. Moreover, renting a villa allows you to spend your holidays in a prestigious atmosphere. Privacy, security and freedom are promised to you, leaving you to decide on your programme according to your current inspirations.

Moreover, the properties offered for rent can also welcome you for a romantic stay or for holidays in large groups.


Skiing is the perfect activity for winter holidays.

Go skiing…


It’s a great classic but one you can’t get enough of. Skiing holidays offer the opportunity to do sports in the middle of winter while enjoying the magnificent landscapes. If this is your first time, there is no need to worry. Find out about the schools available in the destination and go for it. Already experienced? This is even better.


Skiing will work both your endurance and your strength. This all-round sport will burn several calories, enough to make up for the gourmet differences that we like to indulge in in winter. What’s more, this family activity is excellent for your health as it optimises oxygen supply and blood circulation. Your stay in the mountains will therefore purify your body and the hours you spend on the slopes will boost your mind.


After the effort, comfort! Ski destinations offer several off-piste activities. Tasting local specialities, dance evenings, games workshops, there is no shortage of opportunities.


… and sledging


Sledding is also practised in the open air, an activity that provokes laughter and makes you forget the routine. It’s a great way to exercise your muscles. It is therefore a sporting activity, ideal for keeping fit during the winter holidays. Add to this the fact that the speed brings its share of adrenalin and the wind seduces with its invigorating side.


Choose an area with plenty of snow and plenty of space. The fewer obstacles there are, the safer the practice. There is no guarantee that there will be no falls, but this is one of the charms of sledding. Simply let yourself slide down while trying to keep your balance.


Doing the Christmas markets


The Christkindelsmärik in Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful in the whole of Europe. It is located on the Place Broglie, but also in other parts of the city, such as the Place d’Austerlitz and the Place de la Cathédrale. About 300 chalets take place, offering Alsace pastries, gifts and decorations, but not only. A huge skating rink as well as shows and concerts also invite you to take advantage of this market, which has existed since 1570.


The Christmas markets of Colmar are also very well known. Craftsmen meet in different places which form charming villages with glittering decorations. For nearly six weeks, nearly 180 exhibitors maintain the magic in a decor which seems straight out of a fairy tale. Carousels, foie gras, Christmas carols and light shows contribute to the success of the event.

Don’t forget the capital’s Christmas markets which await you at the Trocadéro, on the square in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral but also on the famous Avenue des Champs-Elysées. The animations create sparks in the eyes of children and allow adults to appreciate the magic of the season.


Go to the Festival of Lights


Head for Lyon to attend this festival organised around December 8th. For the occasion, the inhabitants of Lyon place small lamps called lumignons on their window sills. The facades of the buildings are adorned with the most beautiful luminous decorations. Interactive shows are organised throughout the city. Ephemeral pieces of art, surprisingly realistic installations… the route is punctuated with enchantments.


Try the winter culinary specialities


Winter is the perfect season to savour many traditional recipes. Raclette obviously comes first. This assortment of cheeses and charcuterie promises a ballet of exceptional flavours.


Comforting, warm chestnuts abound at the Christmas markets. Enjoy them plain, as an accompaniment to Christmas turkey or basted with a hot chocolate sauce at the end of the meal.

Fondue is another must. L’Abondance and Beaufort are the big stars in Savoyard cuisine. The preparation is sometimes enriched with a little Emmental de Savoie. If you are staying in the Jura, the fondue can be enriched with comté cheese.


The best winter holidays are the ones you enjoy as you wish, in a spirit of freedom and lightness. No matter how much time you have, the main thing is to live every moment to the fullest to end (or start) the year in style.