Narbonne, a French city located in the Occitanie Region of France is called the département of Aude. The recent population growth has given Narbonne a boost. These are the key characteristics of this south-facing city’s real estate market.

Are you looking for an apartment?

Narbonne’s real estate is vast and there are many properties. You will find the right property for you, whether it is an apartment or house. It is possible to both invest in new or old buildings in the Aude commune. Many construction projects have been completed in the Aude over the past few years. Tenants are also meeting their expectations by renovating the Narbonne’s old housing stock. This city’s real estate market also features prestigious properties like beautiful homes or cottages.Real estate in Narbonne.


Real estate in Narbonne

Real estate in Narbonne


How much are real estate prices in Narbonne

In recent months, real estate prices have risen slightly in Narbonne. Prices per square meter for an apartment range from 1919 EUR to 1919 EUR. For this type of property, the average cost per square meter is EUR2133. Houses are priced between EUR1956 to EUR2391 per sq meter. A house for sale in Narbonne costs 2174 EUR per square meter. Square meter . The cost for the most stunning houses in the city are around 400,000 Euros.

Narbonne is a really good place to live, especially if you purchase a seaside apartment !