Mougins, a picturesque town in the Alpes-Maritimes is located in the Cote d’Azur hinterland. It has a unique charm, a deep-rooted medieval, and artistic heritage, which makes it a spot of extraordinary quality life.

Gastronomic City

Since 2011, Mougins is known as a “City of Art and Crafts” in gastronomy. The 40 Provencal-inspired gastronomy served in the city’s restaurants is undoubtedly what makes it so famous. The famous Festival Les etoiles de Mougins, an international gastronomy festival that has hosted chefs from across France for the last 13 years, brought together a wide range of Provencal cuisines to be presented to the public. The festival featured a competition for young chefs called “Les Espoirs des Mougins”, as well as classes in cooking. Itinerant promotion of French cuisine will be possible in 2019, and it takes place in Pietrasanta, Tuscany (Italy). They will be representing the French Riviera as well as the international culinary know-how of French chefs. The festival will return to Mougins in 2020 on June 6th and 7, to honor the Best Craftsmen of France. Jacques Maximin (famous chef starred for over 40 years) will be the Patron of the event.


MACM Museum

Mougins, a vibrant city full of creativity and harmony, is known for its unmatched luminosity and harmonious colors. Many famous personalities have visited Mougins over the years. cultural world . This small village has a serene, inspiring Provencal charm that attracted many artists to it. Edith Piaf and Christian Dior are just a few of the many artists who have stayed in this small village with its serene, inspiring Provencal charm. The Mougins Museum of Contemporary Art is located in the center of the village. It was founded by Christian Levett (an antique artist enthusiast) and opened its doors on June 10, 2011. It features works by Picasso, Matisse and Cezanne as well as drawings, sculptures and paintings from artists like Andy Warhol, Dali and Andy Warhol. There are more than 700 items of contemporary, neoclassical and modern art. Some of these artists have won international renown.


Gardens with colored flowers in Mougins

Mougins’ gardens

Parks and gardens

Mougins, a village of medieval origin nestled in the middle of the forest on a mountainside is full with Provencal charm. This village is a peaceful and tranquil place in the French Riviera’s hinterland. It boasts a lot of green space, lush vegetation, pine trees and olive trees as well as cypresses. The Valmasque Park covers an area close to 560 ha and is a natural preserve that provides many opportunities for leisure. It’s located between Mougins and Valbonne. Many routes have been created to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty and leisure. There are many trails to choose from: hiking trails, biking trails, horseback riding and botanical trails. Also, there is environmental awareness. The natural park is divided into four sections and boasts an extraordinary fauna. The Fontmerie Pond, an exceptional five-hectare aquatic sanctuary, can be found at the park’s edge. It is rich in biodiversity and has unspoiled beauty. This exceptional spot is home to over sixty bird species and hosts the largest European lotus flower colony. It’s also surrounded by meadow for several hectares.



Why should you settle in Mougins ?

Mougins is a place where you can enjoy a unique quality of living in an unspoiled natural environment. Mougins offers a unique combination of culture and living art. It has a warm climate year-round and an extensive cultural and gastronomic offering. This vibrant city is home to many cultural and artistic offerings, including shows, performances, dance, music, as well as a strong medieval heritage. The city’s geographic location is also a great asset. It is located 15 minutes away from Cannes and its film festival, 10 minutes from Grasse and under an hour from Mougins, a first ski resort. Mougins provides the peace and quiet of an idyllic place in the countryside, while still being close to many vibrant cities and other leisure activities in both summer and winter. The charming, small, Provencal-style streets of this flowery city offer a stunning view over the entire region.


Investment in Mougins villa purchase

Its location, as well as the ease of living it provides its residents makes this the best place to invest in a villa. Mougins, located on the “Napoleon” Road, close to the cities Cannes, Grasse, and Grenoble is a charming city with a high level of prestige and international gastronomic knowledge. Amazing Villas and houses Are available There are many areas where these items can be purchased.  Amateurs of ancient stones will enjoy the well-preserved medieval village. Modern neighborhoods are home to luxurious homes, all set in beautiful Mediterranean gardens. Mougins, surrounded by forests, offers stunning views of a spectacular Provencal panorama. Mougins hosts an international gastronomic festival every year and offers daily shows and exhibitions in a medieval setting. It is also home to art and culture. It is located close to Valmasque Park and just a few km from Cannes and Grasse. This makes Mougins a great place to call home. If you want to invest, you may before look at real estate agency and at their diagnosis lexicon, in order to understand everything and to avoid making a mistake.