When you are considering buying a luxury property or looking for a luxury rental, you want to find the best agency. Here are a few criteria to take into account in order to find your preferred contact.

The property sector

The property sector is currently thriving, especially as it has returned to 2019 levels. In the meantime, the covid has come and gone, but its impact has not changed the market, which remains dynamic. Sales are indeed being made with the same intensity, with even shorter lead times to finalise a purchase. This enthusiasm for the property sector proves that it remains an attractive investment.

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Experts in this field note that rental investment is still breaking records. The desire to get out of the big cities is also to be taken into account, both for the acquisition of a main house and for finding a second home. Certain regions are particularly attractive in this respect, with the cities along the Mediterranean coast being among the top destinations.

Luxury real estate

The luxury property situation remains attractive. It is even tending to attract even more new buyers who are aware that it is indeed a safe investment. There has been a clear revival of interest in prestige property. This sector is still attracting as many future owners who are anxious to find a very high quality main residence or an equally interesting second home.

The rare services are inevitably highly prized and luxury real estate is very diversified. The Mediterranean attracts a French clientele in search of exceptional places but also an international clientele seduced by properties of exceptional quality.

Discover the town of Saint Tropez

Saint-Tropez is a town that meets all the criteria required for investing in luxury property. It is true that its reputation has travelled the world and continues to seduce.

The town and its points of interest

The town of Saint-Tropez is a perfect combination of authenticity and a jet-set side that makes it so interesting. People come from the ends of the earth to bask on its beaches or enjoy its Mediterranean charm. The village aspect is preserved here and an international clientele never tires of admiring the architecture with its southern colours. It is understandable that painters like Signac fell in love with this exceptional site. The port and its prestigious yachts moored there is a dazzling sight.

You can also see the typical Mediterranean fishermen’s boats. Finally, between its luxury boutiques, its restaurants and its places dedicated to the party, Saint-Tropez remains a mythical destination. An 18-hole golf course, sailing trips or visits to Ramatuelle are also among the many points of interest.

Saint Tropez luxury real estate: the favourite districts

When it comes to luxury real estate, Saint-Tropez is full of exceptional properties. You can find sumptuous duplexes with a breathtaking view of the port. This is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after panoramas for its absolute charm. A villa with the Gulf of Saint-Tropez as its landscape is also part of the marvels offered by the real estate of the Tropez.

Just a stone’s throw from the beaches, you will have the opportunity to discover properties with trees. You can also prefer the heart of the town near the Place des Lices or opt for the Capon district, renowned for its calm. This area is also very popular, as is the presence of secure estates. The contemporary and high standing architecture attracts as much as the bastides and houses of character that Saint-Tropez counts.

real estate luxury saint tropez

Luxury real estate Saint Tropez

Luxury real estate in Saint Tropez: look for a real estate agency on the internet

If you dream of buying a property, the internet offers many opportunities. It is particularly interesting to consult the websites of estate agencies. You can discover the types of flats or houses that they offer in their catalogue. If you are renting in a prestigious location, you can also get an idea of the quality of the services provided. Above all, it is essential that the agency’s website is complete and accurate. On first reading, you should be informed about the conditions they offer.

In principle, you will also know which properties have already been sold, which gives you a clear idea of the quality of the offers available.

Luxury real estate Saint Tropez : look at the customer reviews

Take the time to read the reviews left by clients: when clients are fully satisfied, they do not hesitate to recommend an agency specialising in Saint Tropez luxury real estate. This way, you can find out the strengths of a real estate agency and its possible weaknesses. This is always useful before entrusting your search to specialists.

Among the opinions, those concerning the speed of the transactions carried out are quite relevant. Clients who are satisfied with the speed with which they were able to find the perfect property will let you know, as this is a particularly sought-after criterion. Finally, the satisfaction rate should be taken into consideration before using an agency. Negative comments are therefore to be taken into account as they do not presage the optimal quality you are entitled to expect. On our side, we advise you Haussmann for your Saint Tropez luxury real estate projects.

Luxury real estate Saint Tropez : beware of the e-reputation

The Internet gives access to a lot of information, the e-reputation of an agency being essential. In addition to the real estate agencies’ websites, it is therefore interesting to visit a forum dedicated to Saint Tropez luxury real estate. Some sites have the task of verifying the reviews submitted, which guarantees their reliability.

In any case, the reputation of an agency should be a testament to its qualities. If an agency has been the subject of negative comments, it is not advisable to entrust it with the task of finding your next property. Another essential point before you decide is to check that the website of the agency you are interested in is transparent.

It is important to know exactly how much they charge to avoid unpleasant surprises. They should also be able to give you detailed information about the services they offer. Also make sure that their contact details are clearly indicated.

Saint Tropez luxury real estate: consult your network

A reliable source before investing in Saint Tropez luxury real estate is to rely on the opinions of your network. Don’t hesitate to ask your acquaintances about their impressions of the seriousness of an agency specialising in luxury real estate. It is always interesting to use your professional and friendly contacts to find out their opinion.

If they are aware of the situation of luxury real estate in Saint-Tropez, they will be invaluable in your search. Perhaps you know people who have invested in St Tropez real estate themselves. You might as well ask them for their opinion on a particular agency.

Saint Tropez luxury real estate: word of mouth

In a town like Saint Tropez, word of mouth is also an interesting source. Local shopkeepers can provide you with advice. In any case, the reputation of a good agency specialising in Saint-Tropez luxury real estate often precedes it. When you plan to buy a luxury property, it is essential to put all the chances on your side.

The more reviews you have of an agency, the more certain you will be that it has everything to be your preferred partner in the search for your future property. It is important that they are as close as possible to the specifics of your request. Luxury real estate in Saint-Tropez cannot be improvised and requires a real knowledge of the market. A competent and serious agency stands out because it is spoken of in very good terms. It is also recommended because it has proven the extent of its talents.

Saint Tropez luxury real estate: the first appointment

Once you have selected an agency with expertise in Saint Tropez luxury real estate, take advantage of your first meeting to obtain as much information as possible. By questioning your contact, you will be able to get precise information about the services they offer.

Be particularly demanding about the rates charged and the commitments the agency makes to you. The search for an exceptional property requires an investment of several months.

It is therefore essential that you are accompanied at every stage. If you do not live in Saint-Tropez, it is important that you are offered real luxury properties that correspond to your expectations in every respect. Indeed, if you have to make visits, demand that all your criteria be taken into account.

Luxury real estate Saint Tropez : trust your instinct

In the end, your first impression will probably be the right one. Trust your instincts before making a commitment to a Saint Tropez luxury real estate agency. The property or flat of your dreams is bound to exist.

The specialists are there to listen to you. It is essential to be able to go through this search in a situation of trust. The key is certainly to get in touch with an agency that has proven itself in the field of Saint-Tropez luxury real estate.

The total transparency of the prices charged is also one of the points that deserve your full attention. If you have the feeling that your contact will be reactive, totally in phase with your projects and that he has understood your level of requirement, you are most certainly in the presence of your future agency.

To invest in Saint-Tropez luxury real estate with complete peace of mind, don’t hesitate to spend a little time looking for a good agency. The quality and seriousness of the agency will determine the progress of your project and its success.