A small commune of 4,700 inhabitants located on the western edge of Monaco, in the Provence Côte d’Azur region, Cap d’Ail is barely a century old. First attached to the rural commune of La Turbie, it acquired the status of a commune in 1908. Renowned for its magnificent beaches and rare Mediterranean vegetation, Cap d’ail attracts many tourists every year.

The coastline is protected by the provisions of the coastal law, in order to preserve its natural reserves. Situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alpes-Maritimes, this small commune, rich in history, enjoys a privileged location and has modern infrastructures. Its particular landscape between sea and mountain is of a rare beauty.

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Renting a beautiful villa for your holiday

Whether you are a regular in luxury homes or have always dreamed of experiencing the pleasures of a stay in a luxury home, turn to a luxury real estate agency like haussmannrealestate.com to rent a villa in Cap d’Ail.

What exactly is a luxury villa? Quite simply, it is the house that takes your breath away at first sight. The more you go inside, the more you will be surprised by every detail. A rare and original dwelling with a swimming pool, spacious bedrooms, parental suites and a large garden. Experience a total change of scenery, what better way to spend a dream holiday as a couple, with family or friends.

Cap d’Ail has a magnificent landscape, offering on one side a view of the sea and on the other, a view of the Alpes-Maritimes mountains. To take full advantage of this landscape, choose a house with a terrace or a roof top. This way you will have a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean sea or the mountains. You can also enjoy a 360-degree view of the sea or the mountains.

During the day, you can use your terrace to relax in the shade and away from the crowds. In the middle of summer, a parasol, a cool misting bottle and you are ready for a wellness cure. You can continue to enjoy your terrace at nightfall while admiring the sunset. And to round off your wonderful day, invite your friends to your terrace for an aperitif party.

You’ve come with your family, you’ve put the youngest to bed. It’s time to enjoy a moment of intimacy with your other half. What a pleasure to be together, without being far from the children. The parental suite is the ideal solution to enjoy your stay while optimising moments of intimacy. One of the indispensable elements of a luxurious home is the presence of a master suite. You will have your own bedroom, your own shower room and a large dressing room.

If you want the best possible security for your family, what more could you want? One of the advantages of luxury homes, and not the least, is undoubtedly the complete security they offer to their occupants. Equipped with high-tech security systems, they are protected from any outside intrusion. You will be able to enjoy your stay to the full, without worrying about your valuables, and you will sleep soundly.

Holidays in Cap d’Ail: discover the Belle Epoque villas

An era of luxury, carefree living and economic and social progress, the belle époque period was marked by luxury and splendour. The bourgeois class was born and marked the imprint of its economic boom by the construction of magnificent buildings whose extravagance was beyond compare. Exceptional houses at a staggering cost, these “belles époques” houses today form a real architectural jewel.

A style that breaks the dull Haussmannian architectural codes, belles époques villas are characterised by a massive use of decorative forms. The exotic, colonial atmosphere of the distant past is reflected in the fine sculptures on the walls. Large flowers painted on the wall, exotic carved animal figures, bricks, stones, a multitude of materials used and eclectic decoration.

Cape Garlic is home to sumptuous belle époque palaces. The most illustrious political figures, famous authors and artists have stayed there: André Malraux, Colette, the Russian imperial family. Winston Churchill was its honorary mayor. Discover these splendid century-old buildings while strolling along the beach.

Holidays in Cap d’Ail: the coastal path

Linking the Pointe des douaniers, the Cap Rognosso and the Mala, the coastal path, also known as the sentier des douaniers, runs along the coast. A walk to do with your partner, friends or family. Very easy to access, this path offers a splendid view of a deep blue sea. Rare Mediterranean vegetation, with exotic scents, mingles with the blue of the sea and the splendour of the belle époque villas that line the coast.

You will be amazed throughout the approximately one and a half hour tour. At times, you can rest quietly on the benches set up here and there. Stop for a moment to plunge into the sea on this steep, rocky and wild escape, and wear good walking shoes. Take a bottle of water and a hat with you. Let yourself be lulled by the rhythm of the waves that cover and uncover the rocks.

Holidays in Cap d’Ail: Mala beach

Nestled against the cliffs of pissarelles, the Mala beach is reputed to be the most beautiful beach on the French Riviera. This reputation is justified, as it is a real oasis in a preserved cove.

The beach is clean, slightly steep, the water is crystal clear and the view breathtaking. The special thing about this beach is that it offers visitors two possibilities. On the one hand, there is a public part, and on the other hand, two restaurants occupy a private part.

Private beach: protected from mass tourism, you will enjoy a privileged treatment. Exclusive location, reserved for private clients, you will enjoy a luxury private beach. The companies that privatise the beach actively participate in the preservation of the beach and offer you a unique and exceptional service. You can enjoy unforgettable moments with friends, organise events, barbecues, weddings, etc.

Public beach: of course, you can enjoy Mala beach from the public beach side. You can bring your own deckchair and parasol and enjoy the splendid view.

Holidays in Cap d’Ail: a walk on the pine forest

At the foot of the coastal path, discover a magnificent restaurant whose speciality is fish. What could be more normal for a place surrounded by the sea! Enjoy your meal in front of the magnificent spectacle offered by nature. A breathtaking view of the turquoise Mediterranean sea.

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Holidays in Cap d’Ail: museums and historical monuments

The history of Cap d’Ail stands out for its particular singularity. As a pristine coastal area of the rural municipality of La Turbie, the sector is extraordinarily popular with visitors from all over the world, who are looking for a holiday destination of rare beauty. Within a few decades, sumptuous buildings were erected and the town was served by a railway station.

Cap d’ail became a full-fledged commune on 31 December 1908. Immerse yourself in the incredible history of the development of Cap d’ail from its birth to the present day at the Cap d’ail Museum.

Discover the Sarrazine Tower: the symbol of the town of Cap d’ail, the Sarrazine Tower is found on the town’s coat of arms. Playing a strategic role, the tower allowed for the observation of maritime movements between Èze and Monaco.

The Villa Camélias: a symbol of a period of prosperity and important economic and social development for the town, the Villa Camélias, a sumptuous building from the belle époque, is full of elements that have immortalised the prestigious past of the town. Step inside this sumptuously decorated building and see the tremendous luxury in which the bourgeois Cap d’Aillois lived.

Travel back in time to discover the history of the town and admire the collection of works by the famous Basque painter Ramiro Arrue. Finally, discover the magnificent garden, kept in its wild state, with century-old olive trees, mimosas and irises.

Rich in history and evolution, don’t miss anything of Cap d’Ail during your stay. Entrust the search for your holiday accommodation to a real estate agency specialising in luxury, and think only of enjoying your stay.